Saturday, August 28, 2010

J.C. Hutchins' New Look

If you have never checked out J.C. Hutchins site, you now have an excuse; he has just given it a whole new look. If you are unaware, Hutchins is the creator of the 7th Son series of podionovels, and has helped to create #StillHere, a fantastic tie-in to Discovery Channel’s “The Colony”, and was author of the fantastic, but underrated, “Personal Effects: Dark Art”.

You have been depriving yourself if you have never listened to or read any of his work, so go do something about that now by going to right now.


J.C. Hutchins said...

Dude, you RULE. I'm glad you like the new digs. And thanks for the kind shout-out!

Katie Shelby said...

Hello. Total noob to blogspot here. Was reading Mallville (which I totally love thus far) and thought I would say so :) I didn't know if you ever posted an e-mail address for you so I will just write this here. Relaying the info is relaying the info, amirite?

Have an eventful day, sir.