Friday, July 16, 2010


Yeah, I've not posted anything in awhile; I've been hard at work on a few short stories for the Escape Artists Flash Contest II (one of them made it to the second round, which was nice), one for the Dunesteef Broken Mirror Story Event (wish me luck), and short stories and a new novel based on some of the flash pieces I wrote.

Oh, and I've been playing video games, so maybe not working too hard.

You know who else has been hard at work? J.C. Hutchins, that's who. The super creative behind "7th Son" and "Personal Effects" has been working on some goodies that tie in with the new series of The Discovery Channel's "The Colony". I did not get to see more than a few episodes of the first series, but I liked what I did see. This time around the world has been decimated by the flu, and it will be interesting to see what different things the survivors will have to deal with.

The part that Hutchins had a hand in is the online component. My first reaction is to call it an ARG, but that feels wrong. Rather than do a bad job of describing it to you, just check out the video below. I'm #StillHere, are you?

Join The Colony from Campfire on Vimeo.

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J.C. Hutchins said...

VOID, you rule. Thanks for the endless support, and for checking out #StillHere!