Sunday, May 3, 2009

Unboxing the Keurig Ultimate Coffee Brewing System

Back during the holidays I was first introduced to the Keurig Ultimate Coffee Brewing System (the term "Ultimate" is not hubris, it's the name of this particular model) at Costco. It truly awed me, and not just because the sample consisted of a full cup of coffee. You see, I've been a critic of pod-based single cup coffee makers ever since I first saw the Senseo; it's not because of the environmental impact, although that is an issue, it's the price.

I objected to having to only buy that particular manufacturer's coffee pods, not just because it limits my choice, but because I found the per cup price to be outrageous. The Costco version of the Keurig Ultimate takes care of that by including the "My K Cup", a little pod that allows me to put my own fresh ground coffee into it.

Still, the $120 price tag kept me hemming and hawwing about it until this past weekend, when we finally took the plunge and bought one.

Keurig 01 boxed

Here's the Keurig Ultimate fresh home from Costco. Coffee is only a few minutes away (It would have been less time had I not been taking pictures like a dork).

Keurig 02 bonus box contents

The bonus box contained four boxes of coffee plus the "My K Cup". As a note, the Sam's Club version comes with a water filter instead of the My K Cup, but that can be purchased at Target for $15 if you want to get one separately.

Keurig 03 welcome

Opening the lid reveals this happy couple, who have taken a break from appearing in Valtrex ads to let me know that brewing magic awaits me.

Keurig 04 inside the box

Even Craphead the cat is taking an interest now.

Open the other three flaps reveals the instructions and the sample box that normally comes with the Keurig Ultimate.

Keurig 05 fancy instructions folder

Osaka shows off the lovely folder full of instruction pamphlets.

keurig 06 lots of instructions

And my there are a lot of them.

Keurig 08 Craphead reads the instructions

Craphead tries to read the instructions. Too bad he can't read.

Keurig 07 inside the sample box

The sample box is a treasure trove of beverages; there's coffees, teas, and even some hot chocolates. No good quantities of anything (unlike the bonus box), but you can certainly try and find what you like.

Keurig 10 out of the foam

Wrapped in this thin shroud of plastic, brewing magic awaits.

Keurig 11 free of packaging

It is free of its bonds, and the chorus sounds as we behold its shiny glory. Bask in the glory of the Keurig, bask I say!

Keurig 12 new home

To reward the old coffee maker for its almost decade of acceptable service, I took it out back and shot it. Only now may the Keurig Ultimate Coffee Brewing System takes its rightful place in our kitchen.

Keurig 13 first coffee

After taking a few minutes to prime the system, we are ready to brew. I grabbed a cup of French Roast from the bonus box, and the trusty Taz mug I've been using since high school and get to brewing.


Keurig 14 first cocoa

Osaka decided she would rather try one of the hot cocoas. This also turned out quite well.

I have since tried the My K Cup with my normal Morningstar Blend coffee, and that came out at least as well as the old coffee maker ever managed, and with less coffee used, and no leftovers than end up going down the drain.

The coffee maker is dead, long live the Keurig Ultimate Coffee Brewing System!

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your cats name is Craphead?
I was going to name my cat Fart, but the fiancee would not allow me.