Monday, February 9, 2009

Rock Band DLC I Want to See

Like a lot of people, I love Rock Band 2; it addresses almost every issue I had with the original game, and is loads of fun to play. Also like many people, there are songs I would love to see come to the game that so far have failed to. To remedy this, I have decided to write about what track packs I would create if I were in charge (regardless of any licensing issues that may get in the way)

Halloween Pack 01
They came out with a Holiday Pack last year with Christmas and Hanukkah songs in it, so why not Halloween?

Monster Mash - Bobby (Boris) Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers
Zombie Me – No More Kings
RE: Your Brains – Jonathan Coulton

Holiday Pack 02
I enjoyed two of the three songs in last years pack (I did not care for that version of Blue Christmas), so this is what I would like to see this year.
Chiron Beta Prime – Jonathan Coulton
I Want an Alien for Christmas – Fountains of Wayne
Green Christmas – Barenaked Ladies

Bowling for Soup Pack 01
This band has a perfect sound for Rock Band, and a lot of their songs are just plain fun.
Shut-Up and Smile

Weezer Pack 02
Pork and Beans (it is a crime that this was not in the first pack)
In the Garage
Buddy Holly

Fountains of Wayne Pack 01
Red Dragon Tattoo
92 Subaru
Too Cool for School

Jonathan Coulton Pack 01
So we've been able to get “Still Alive” and “Skullcrusher Mountain”, but there are so many more good songs out there. They should probably just do full albums, but this is what I would like to see first.
Shop Vac
Code Monkey

No More Kings Pack 01
Geek influenced pop at its best. I discovered this band through Pandora, and if you have not heard of them, you should definitely check them out.
Sweep the Leg
The Grand Experiment
Michael (Jump In)

I could frankly do this all day, but these are definitely the first ones that come to mind. So come on Harmonix, give me good reasons to spend my Microsoft Points!

If you could make any track packs, what would you make? What songs do you want to play your plastic guitar to?

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