Monday, January 3, 2011

Early Morning Amusement: The Purple Smurfs

Do you remember "The Smurfs"? I'm sure that even if you're too young to remember them from their Saturday morning run in the 80's that you have at least heard of them. If nothing else, you have probably seen the dreadful looking trailer for their upcoming film that is being released as part of Hollywood's on-going attempt to crap on the childhoods of my generation. Even those who grew up on the little blue fellows may not remember that they once did an episode where they have their own little adorable zombie apocalypse.

In 1981, as part of "The Smurfs" first season, they made a short called "The Purple Smurfs". In this cartoon Lazy Smurf becomes infected with a "28 Days Later"-esque illness that turns him purple, and makes him want to bite his fellow smurfs on the tail. Once bitten the victim smurf becomes infected and turns purple themselves. The short is based on the original comic story, "The Black Smurfs" (gee, I cannot imagine why they changed THAT title), I challenge you to show me a cuter zombie apocalypse!

Also, how awesome is it that there's a Smurfs wiki? I truly do love the internet.

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