Thursday, December 16, 2010

Now Playing: Dax Plays Faire

Big news, ladies and gents, to me at least; I've gotten a story published. As part of their Broken Mirror Story Event, "The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine" has recorded my short story, "Dax Plays Faire" for their podcast, and it sounds great (there's even a rockin' soundtrack to it).

If you are not already subscribed to this podcast (and you should be) then you can check it out directly from The Dunesteef's website, or just subscribe to it in iTunes or whatever podcatcher you happen to prefer.

This is the first time anyone has actually given me money for a story, so this is kind of a big deal for me. Please check it out, blog about it, tell your friends, your enemies, and that strange little troll of a person who works in your office, but no one knows exactly what they do.

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