Monday, April 13, 2009

This Is Just To Say

I am a fan of “This American Life”, and after listening to episode 354, “Mistakes Were Made” I became inspired. The entire second act of the show was dedicated to William Carlos Williams' poem, “This Is Just To Say”, and they had their regular contributors put their own spin on the poem. So without any further ado, here are my three versions of “This Is Just To Say"

This Is Just To Say
by VOID Munashii
With apologies to William Carlos Williams

Please forgive me
for eating you
and turning you
into one of the undead

You probably
did not want
to die, let alone
rise again as a
flesh-eating monster

But your flesh
was so delicious,
and my hunger
was so painful


I allowed your
research station to
fall from orbit,
and burn up in the

You probably
wanted me to
at least save the data
that you invested
so much money into

Forgive me
but it was one
of your scientists
that caused the problems
in the first place


I blew up
the battle station
which you used
to destroy Alderaan

You were probably
trying to possess
the ultimate power
in the universe

Forgive me,
but you really
should have secured
that exhaust port

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